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Q: I hear you're be bringing into play Rihanna's stylist to help girls shop smart giuseppe zanotti shoes for fall styles. What are your biggest tips feed to adding accessories to?

Rihanna, the flamboyant Barbados born artist is amazingly well recognized for her exceptional perception of vogue- and her audio (you don't get five billboard hot 100s using a feeling of vogue only)! But what we adore most about her is her sensation of fashion! The trend bomb has successfully launched a few of new developments popular as a consequence of the many years- and her sneakers are her best fashion statement! Is it possible to do a Rihanna together with women's heels? Positive you can- and we'll notify you particularly how!

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With summer upon us, a fantastic purchase is a pair of women's thong shoes. Perfect your market hot months, these women's thong shoes are unique and comfortable. Everyone can pick up a pair of rubber women's thong shoes, but these top picks in giuseppe zanotti shoes outlet are special.

A great collection is that there in the outlets regardless that to watch out for a formal or casual wear. These sneakers are very durable and long lasting which means it has the capacity to be used day in day out. No matter what type one is looking for replica giuseppe zanotti shoes once someone enters the born giuseppe zanotti shoes outlet, sees a great variety casual shoes wedding, sports and formal shoes. These footwear are made considering an amount level of sensitiveness belonging to the feet. Mostly people complain due to long office hours or since wedding shoes they get yourself a sore that is awful. All of them it is a they can trust. Just what exactly need to be able to done is walk into the outlet obtain the feet the actual planet shoes and also going, obviously after forking over.

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Some within the biggest designer manufacturers in the shoe market are, Carlos, Nine West, Christian Lauboutin and giuseppe zanotti shoes outlet Christian Dior. cheap giuseppe zanotti shoes the Italian shoe maker produces attention seeking cut out wedges and demure daytime flats. He's something inside your every mood and dress up. His eponymous distinct shoes is preferred by starlets for your sheer wow factor. Kylie, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez are his fans.

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The the easy way balance your eveningwear is to choose one star within the show. If you happen to sporting an outfit with an amount of flash, keep shoes understated. When you have a dress that is understated, choose evening shoes with considerably more flash. When one is the star, it stands out side. When you try to make both the stars, they compete as partners. A nice black evening pump will fantastic with a wonderful sequined wedding dress. On the other hand, an easy black dress goes up a few notches with the awesome heel completed in matte purple satin.

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Ask a sales lady to accurately measure you size. That you simply you achieve that in the very center of time because the feet tend to swell after walking in existance. This can sometimes change the sizing of the feet. You want the preferred shoes and often.

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I generally had a shoe fetish. I absolutely love shoes. Definitely the shoe sort? Hard to say. It could be ballerinas or flats, sandals or pumps, wedges, platforms or boots. Various other words every sort of shoe is my personal favorite shoe. I save so many money buying discount designer shoes. My latest buys were Moschino Cheap & Chic Leopard print shoes at $150 off, and fabulous Bottega Veneta two-tone metallic cheap giuseppe zanotti sandals at $260 off.

Sometimes, despite of taking great care, you may have some minute adjustments or exchanges for you to become done soon after the purchase of footwear. Not all outlets really supportive with regards to to this and most likely to make us run from pillar to page. This outlet is an exception with the highly structured employment options to you collectively issues. This makes the outlet so much more approachable and sensitive rrn your issues.


Blog Section

End of the school year has come…..time to celebrate!!!

The kids really finished the school year strong. It was an awesome year for Rocky’s Road. The students really have been progressing in there school work and knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle. That includes eating healthy fresh foods and exercising. I can’t say enough how much we appreciate the teachers and staff of Yorkshire […]

Zumbastic with Rocky’s Road

  A GRAN Foundation gets it. Do you? Catching on with the exercise craze of today’s health clubs, we danced our Saturday away doing ZUMBA with our students. It was such an enjoyable day. About 40 kids participated with the teachers. They made a healthy snack after to round out a productive and fun Saturday. […]

Off and Running Beep!!! Beep!!!

  Year number two of Rocky’s Road is off to a great start! After an awesome first year with the program we are extremely grateful and blessed to continue supporting the community and Yorkshire Elementary. The summer was very busy for the McIntosh family as we worked hard to improve the program’s efficiency with feedback […]

A GRAN Foundation “Olympics”

We had such a blast ending our 1st year of Rocky’s Road with a field day themed the “Yorkshire 2012 Olympics”. We set up different stations with various activities included in them. The students were able to play cricket, soccer, and even had their turn through an obstacle course. They had a fantastic time […]

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

How it works


How It Works

Rocky’s Road is a legacy partnership with the Prince William County School district established in 2011 at Yorkshire Elementary School.

The X’s

Rocky’s Road will demonstrate the power of mentorship, healthy lifestyles, on academic achievement. It is based on the belief that learning begins in the classroom but is a lifetime commitment. Healthy activities begin on the playground but live in every portion of our lives. Rocky’s Road is designed to foster a love for health, wellness, and learning among participants.

The O’s

Rocky’s Road tracks the evolution of 40 kindergartners who have been identified as needing more support. We work with them and integrate a customized healthy mind/healthy body curriculum through Yorkshire Elementary School. Rocky’s Road is a comprehensive program that supports these students from kindergarten through 5th grade. Student progress is tracked through healthy mind/healthy body daily workbooks, weekly after school sessions and bi-monthly check-ins with their parents. Field trips that reinforce curriculum teaching are integral to exposing students to new ways of thinking about health and academics. Activities are monitored and recorded to ensure the path of success down Rocky’s Road.

Rocky’s Road will show that with the right tools any student can achieve success.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

About Us

A GRAN Foundation

A GRAN Foundation was started in December of 2011 by Rocky and Alessia McIntosh and their two children Gavin and Natalie. The first program of A GRAN Foundation is Rocky’s Road at Yorkshire Elementary School in Manassas, Virginia.

Success is a project that’s always under construction.


Thank you for your interest in A GRAN Foundation. On behalf of my family, [Gavin, Rocky, Alessia, and Natalie-GRAN and our newest Camila] let me just say that we are excited that you have made the decision to join us in empowering our youth with the tools for a successful future. Just by visiting our site today, you have become a member of our community and part of a team whose goal is to impact the lives of children around the globe.

I am blessed to have a career where I can provide entertainment and hopefully inspiration to people across America. I love football, and am so grateful for all those who continue to follow and support my efforts on and off the field. I don’t take for granted the privilege of this platform, and I hope that I can serve others in a worthwhile manner.

We started A GRAN Foundation because our family wanted to give back to the community in a truly meaningful way. Through A GRAN Foundation, we partner with organizations who are invested in empowering youth in our community. Our organization is intensely focused on supporting at risk-youth through connecting learning and health with mentoring and tracking of results. We also take great strides to involve the families and other authority figures of our young people because they are imperative to this process.

I grew up under difficult circumstances in a tough neighborhood and reaching success was not an easy path traveled. We moved around several times during my youth, so planting roots in various community organizations wasn’t always possible. I lacked some of the preparation necessary for accomplishing all of my dreams. Etiquette, proper diet, and mentorship were some tools not easily found in my environment. I wish I could have gained these skills and resources much earlier in my life.

After joining the NFL, I realized that I had an opportunity to reach out to young people who have challenges just as I had at one point in my life. I participated heavily in our team’s charitable events to include reading challenges, toy drives, and activity based programs for children. I also became very active in various community outreach efforts in the Washington DC Metro area. I wanted to be involved in the community and demonstrate that I cared about the futures of those around me. The time has come for me to use these experiences and build a legacy of kids helping kids to be healthier, stronger and better prepared for the world that lies ahead. I believe we have a responsibility to reach out our hands to lift youth out of the confines of their environment, and to them grant access to the tools that will enable them to have a successful future.

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.


Special thanks to our partners for their awesome generosity and support for A GRAN Foundation.

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